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Santa Ana Zoo
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Santa Ana Zoo Coupons & Discount shows
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Where is Santa Ana Zoo and What is
It Like?

Address: 1801 East Chestnut Avenue
Santa Ana, California 92701

Phone:  714-836-4000


Animals: over 250      Size:  20 acres
The Santa Ana Zoo in California is an AZA accredited zoo.  It has 20 lovely acres and holds a number of
animals including a large monkey colony of fifty monkeys.  It also has a rain forest, an aviary, carousel and
train ride and a children’s zoo.  At the Amazon’s Edge part of the zoo, you can see black howler monkey,
black-necked swan, crested screamer, tarantula, poison dart frogs and boa constrictor.    
At the Crean Family Farm or children’s zoo, children can interact with some of these animals including
sheep, guinea hog, cow, goat, owls, parrot, rabbits and more.  The Treetops Exhibit is hoe to golden lion
tamarin, emperor tamarin, golden-headed lion tamarin, margay cat and others.

The Amazon Aviary is 9,000 square feet and holds a number of colorful Amazon birds such as white-bellied
caique, scarlet ibis, and emerald toucan.  The birds are able to roam through the facility as if in the wild.  
The Bauer Jaguar Exploration Outpost offers a number of hands-on experiment and information as well as
some insect and spider displays.

This California Zoo has a Train ride, camel rides and Carousel available to guests for a small extra fee.
Where to Find Coupons & Discounts for
the Santa Ana Zoo?

  • Santa Ana Zoo has a Senior rate of $7. A
    discount of $2.50 is offered if you come
    after 2pm  

  • You can save money by going to the zoo
    later in the day.  A discounted rate of $4 for
    adults and $2.50 for children is offered for
    guests arriving after 2 PM (not on holidays).  

  • The third Sunday of every month is Resident
    FREE Day.  Santa Ana residents can visit the
    zoo for FREE with proof of residency.

  • Local tourist coupon books may have discount coupons for the Santa Ana Zoo.

  • You can find out about current specials, deals and discounts on their website page, Facebook and
    Twitter pages.

  • If you have a membership to another AZA or California zoo, you may receive FREE or discounted
    admission to the Santa Ana zoo when you show your zoo membership card.

  • Memberships start at $50 and offer FREE unlimited admission for one year, discounts on the gift
    shop and snack bar, special membership days and FREE or discounted admission to over 150 zoos in
    the United States.

  • May 10th, 2014, September 27, 2014 and December 6, 2014 are membership appreciation days,
    members receive an ever steeper discount at the gift shops and on the rides.
Santa Ana Zoo Details

The Santa Ana Zoo is open every day except for Christmas and New Year’s Day.  

Hours for this zoo in California are 10 am - 4 pm.  Guests already in the zoo can stay until 5 pm.  From
Memorial Day through Labor Day on Saturday and Sunday, they are open from 10 am to 5 pm

Regular admission prices are Adults $
10, Children (3-12) $7 and children under 3 are FREE.  Be aware that
a service fee is charged when using credit and debit cards.

Parking is FREE.

Picnic areas are available inside the zoo.  The zoo is located in Prentice Park and there are also picnic
areas in the park.

Wheelchairs are available for a small fee at the gift shop.  All exhibits are wheelchair accessible.
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Some details about the Tierra de las Pampas area of the Santa Ana Zoo.