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Massanutten Waterpark
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Massanutten Resort Indoor Waterpark
Massanutten Waterpark Coupons &
Discounts show you many ways to save
money on your trip to this Virgina
waterpark resort using waterpark deals.

Where is Massanutten Resort and
What is It Like?

Address: 1822 Resort Drive   
McGaheysville, Virgina 22840

Phone:  (540) 289-9441


Size: 42,000-square-foot  
Massanutten Resort has on its grounds a 42,000-square-foot enclosed waterpark as well as some outside
water attractions. From within the Pyramid shaped structure you can see the Beautiful Shenandoah
Valley scenery, as you enjoy warm water temperatures and eight big attractions.  
Some of the most popular attractions are Peak Splash, which is over 440 feet high and blasts around 2,000
gallons of water a minute, and The Melting Mogul, a body slide that sends guests into total darkness.  You
can also find plenty of hot tubs, and a lazy river in which to relax.  There are also some calmer attractions
like  the Frog Pound and the Shenandoah Cove for the younger crowd.  

This Virgina attractions offers many more activities for visitors including a number of winter sports,
hiking and golfing.
Where to find Massanutten Resort
Waterpark Coupons & Discounts?

  • The resort frequently offers coupons and
    discounts to it’s members.

  • You can save by purchasing a 4 or 5 day

  • You can visit from 5pm to close and get a
    waterpark deal.  At this time, Twilight
    Passes are sold and can save you up to $10
    a ticket for adults and $7 for children.  

  • Gold card members and Military personnel
    can save about $10 per ticket.
  • There are various group discount packages.  Many of them include waterpark passes and Pizza for a
    certain fixed fee.

  • The website frequently offers Massanutten waterpark printable coupons for guests to use.  These
    often offer 25-50% off general admission for up to 4 guests.  

  • The waterpark resort has both a Facebook and Twitter page on which they announce deals and

  • If you wish to spend the night at the Massanutten Resort, there are some hotel and waterpark
    packages that include your overnight stay, waterpark tickets and some food and beverages.

  • If you are staying at the Massanutten resort and you are planning to do many different activities,
    then you may want to look into the Activity Card.  The Card costs $99 for Adults and $69 for
    children 17 and younger.  With the card, you will receive 50% off Waterpark admission as well at
    discounts off 70 other activities such as, Golf, Arts and Crafts, Exercise, Spa, Scuba Diving, and
    much more!

  • Memberships to the resort are offered and may offer you a savings if you plan on going a lot.

  • Massanutten waterpark resort coupons, discounts, deals and specials can change frequently.

Admission is $38 per adults and $28 for children under 42 inches tall.
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