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Where is Kennywood Park and
What is It Like?

Address: Kennywood Boulevard
West Mifflin, PA 15122
Phone Number:  412.461.0500


Rides: 47                      Size: 40 acres
Kennywood was founded in 1898, making it one of the oldest amusement parks in the United States.  It
has been considered a National Historic Landmark since 1987.  At Kennywood, you’ll find at least 6 roller
coasters, 3 water rides, 9 thrill rides, 10 classic rides and 14 rides for kids.
This Pennsylvania amusement park is home to The Phantom’s Revenge, which reaches speeds of 85 miles
per hour, making it one of the fastest roller coasters in the world.  If you’re looking for another thrill,
head over to Kennywood’s Skycoaster, where one or more flyers are fitted to a harness attached to a
cable which  pulls them, Superman-style, to the top of the launch tower.  Once there, riders pull a cable
and free-fall 180-feet at 75 miles per hour.  

If you want to ride the classic Kennywood has those too, everything from Bumper Cars to paddle boats.  
A staple for amusement parks at one time was the Walkthrough Ride; Kennywood has one of only two
walkthrough rides remaining in the world today, Noah’s Ark.

Kennywood was one of the first amusement parks to have a special area just for kids, and it still offers
plenty for kids to enjoy today.
Where to Find Kennywood Coupons &

  • Those 55 and older are offered a Kennywood
    discount for a Senior pass of $20.99.

  • Admission after 5:00 p.m. is discounted.

  • Discounted tickets can sometimes be found
    at Giant Eagle grocery stores for admission
    and/or special events such as Holiday Lights.

  • Groups of 20 or more persons can receive a
    discount when they make advance
    reservations.  The more people you have in
    your group, the more you save.
  • Season passes are a good way to save if you are someone who likes to go to the Kennywood
    several times a year.  Passes start at $49.99 and come with various perks depending on which one
    you purchase.

  • At times, If you bring a can of Pepsi or Mountain Dew you receive a 5.00 discount on admission.

  • Kennywood has Community Days during which, with a coupon, you can get in after 5pm for an
    even better deal.  It also discounts the Senior ticket more.  Coupons can be printed off the

  • Coupon websites, such as, may have coupon codes that can be used when
    buying online tickets.

  • The park has a Corporate Ticket program.  So check with your workplace to see if they have
    discount tickets.

  • Local hotels, such as Hampton Inn and Priory Hotels, offer Kennywood hotel packages.  This can
    offer a discount over buying them separately.

A 2012 Kennywood amusement park commercial that offers some of the
parks highlights.
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Kennywood Details

Kennywood is open seasonally as an amusement park.  It also has seasonal events such as Holiday Lights.

Hours vary greatly throughout the year.  In summer months, they are open the longest hours usually
between 10am to 5pm and longer.

Admission is $40.99 for those over 46 inches and $27.99 for juniors.

You are welcome to bring picnic baskets with a meal for your immediate family.